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            About us

            About us

            Based on U-nice Electronics Company advanced technology, we continued our innovation and research. We are devote to produce good quality electric appliances, make it more suit to the market requirement, improve the goods quality level, produce more safe and more creative goods, make U-nice brand more famous and special, make life more wonderful.

            U-nice Electronics is build on Idao Industry Co., Ltd. Since establishment, Our company is specialized in the wireless doorbell, sensor doorbell, video doorbell, sensor switch kinds of products. We studied original Idao Industry Co., Ltd experiences of ten years doorbell manufacture. We pay more attention on the quality of the products than old company. Now we have professional workers for the design, manufacture, test, and sales etc. The products are sold well worldwide, get well-known for their steady quality and competitive price. The company grows steadily, pushes the continuous development of enterprise and the sedimentary accretion of enterprise culture. We know very well that the customer supporting and trusting is our producing motion. So as the strategy target of long term development, we will continue to provide customer excellent technology, the first class products and first rate service.


            Our management concepts: Technology base on People Foremost.

            Our management tenet: Strive for survival, development and good future on the basis of quality, logical and honest service.

            We aim for making famous brand! Honest cooperation! Together make good future!

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